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As the manufacturer suggests, we will only reroof over dry flat surfaces. If there is any contour to the first layer, you can expect contouring on the second layer as well. We strongly suggest heavy dimensional shingles when reroofing. This type of shingle shows less imperfections in the roof structure. As always, we install new flashings, vents and sanitary boots with every job. Manufacturers specifications always dictate our application technique.


Tear Offs

Shingle / roof removal is always a concern to the homeowner. To minimize the chance of weather damage, we always try to tear off and install shingles the same day. All A & B roof jobs have our minimum standards, proper installation, roof paper, wall chimney flashings, new sanitary boot collars, etc. There is a fine line between a roof that needs to be completely removed, and one that needs to be reroofed. This is generally the opinion of the contractor and the homeowner. Our large crew size and efficiency limits exposure to elements to minimize the chance of damage due to rain.

aluminum work

Aluminum Work

All of our flashing work has a minimum of .019 aluminum. A & B always replaces wall flashings to insure a complete water resistant roof. Valleys are 24 inch .o24 grade W-style with shingle starters for cascade protection. All chimney flashing are double sealed with neoprene. Drip edge is installed for appearance and function on every job.


Velux Skylights

We install Velux Skylights - Professional Results by a professional company!

Wood & Carpentry

We are proud to say whenever any wood work needs to be done - we do it! All wet and damaged CDX plywood is replaced. Rafter work and fascia board are brought with us to each job. We are fully equipped to handle almost any construction delays, so we can let you get on with your life and usual.

Ice Guard

With the severe weather conditions in Northeast Ohio, we strongly suggest the use of some type of ice back-up prevention. Installed correctly, shingle application in itself does not prevent ice back-up. The only precautionary method in which to help eliminate ice back-up damage to your home is to install ice guard prior to shingle application.


All cathedral areas must have proper ventilation for shingle manufacturer warranty to apply. All ridge vent systems vary according to price and quality. We recommend Hidden Shingle Vent II. Ask for brochures if you are interested. All homes must have proper venting system for warrantees to apply.

We do hail and storm estimates and repairs.
Call for details.

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